5 Lifestyle Changes Positavially Effect Total Body Wellness 


Increase Physical Energy New Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes have changed over the years due to new product development, designed to improve the appearance of skin and hair.  Clinical nutritionists incorporate primary scientific fields in dietetics of nutrition with the aim to balance a person’s energy balanced. Vital nutritional balance using sufficient amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins to promote good health.      

According to The American Dietetic Association, the nutritional status of a client can directly affect the overall health of a person.  Dietitians may recommend a physical analysis before treatment using supplements, healthy dietary choices and counselling for new lifestyle changes.

Most people obtain nutrients from eating foods their body requires to build, repair, and strengthen physical endurance.   Unfortunately, certain circumstances including stress, poor diet choices that may prevent the body from absorbing sufficient dietary nutrients.   Common causes of poor health can be attributed to free radical damage environmental factors, pollutants, liver exhaustion, dehydration, hormone depletion, stress, poor diet and too much tobacco. 

Free radicals are toxic byproducts that can adversely affect biological molecules resulting in oxidative stress leading to ageing and chronic diseases. Fortunately, the minerals and vitamins consumed in from nutritious foods, or supplements can counteract oxidative stress with antioxidants promoting wellness.   Natural methods including food therapy bodywork anyone can incorporate into their daily routine to improve health can be very beneficial to reducing obesity.

The diet should include plenty of antioxidant-rich foods fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains to fight free radical damage.  Establish small changes in dieting habits eliminating processed foods high in saturated fats promoting weight loss efforts.

sleep-lifestyle-changesRejuvenate The Body While You Sleep

Healthy sleeping patterns to rejuvenate the body helping you to awaken refreshed, feeling completely energized at the start of your day.  Lifestyle changes including establishing new bedtime rituals can make a lasting impact on health sleeping for 6-8 hours per night.  Sleep is essential for many bodily functions including stabilizing blood glucose levels, blood sugar drop that promotes awakening and sugar regulatory hormones.

In the United States, millions of Americans suffer from insomnia at some point in their life, turning, twisting agonizing all through the night leading to sleep deprivation.

Sleep is essential for good health balancing hormones, reducing risks associated with obesity.  Insomnia is commonly caused by the inability to turn off thought patterns that may be considered stressful.  Individuals awake at night all leading to health complications when sleep patterns are disrupted overtime.   Too much caffeine during the day can defiantly keep a person awake.  Fortunately is there are caffeine free beverages tea, coffee that should not interfere with natural sleep patterns if consumed moderately.

Insomnia its self can be attributed to physiological and physical conditions as the stress of the day may be keeping individuals from sleeping well.  Lifestyle changes in sleeping habits can be established regulating deep sleep patterns for improved health by keeping a regular schedule designated for sleep.   Going to bed at the same time each night and awaken at the same time each day will establish good sleep patterns over time.

Weight gain can be affected in as little as three days if natural sleep patterns are interrupted, sleep deprivation, blood sugar levels rise and hormone imbalances occur, all resulting in weight gain.  Sleep deprivation may lead to disease can develop over time including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stress, anxiety, depression, hypoglycemia, overeating, vitamin B deficiency, asthma, drug addictions to nicotine or other drugs, and toxic liver overload of high levels of copper in the liver. Sleeping 6-8 hours each night can reduce weight gain improving total body wellness waking up feeling rejuvenated.

lifestyle-changes Improve Skin From The Inside Out

Nicole Richie popular American fashion designer media socialite collaborated Urban Decay a cosmetics brand of makeup headquartered in Newport Beach California.  The collection focuses on luxurious makeup designed to accentuate who you do not change into somebody else. The Naked Palette a set of 12 eye shadows in matt, neutral and metallic earth tones highly pigmented earthy tones designed to give you professional glowing results.   

Simple lifestyle changes may include taking a few minutes of your day to apply cosmetics for a polished refined appearance complimenting your skin tone. The collection has expanded to include new eye shadow pallets, synthetic brushes other cosmetics including foundations, concealers, blushes and makeup tools for easy application.  

What’s wrong with a little sparkle in your life? In 2009 the coalition of Consumer Information of Cosmetics approved   Urban Decay and the people of ethical treatment of animals. PETA an American animal rights organization awarded the company with the fifth Best Cruelty-Free Cosmetics line.  

Urban Decay Cosmetics has been in business for over 20 years appealing to women who embrace their individuality and express it through a wide variety of eyeshadows including palette shades of colours, award-winning eye liners, makeup sprays and smudge proof mascaras designed to accentuate your outer beauty.

Skin health is considered essential for most people who use cosmetics as part of their daily grooming routine.  Good nutrition is key to obtaining beautiful skin tone as part of a natural glow.   Consuming fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins can have a lasting effect on appearances regenerating the body from the inside out.   

Experts in dermatology suggest your skin directly reflects the health of your body.  A diet comprised of nutritious food restores the body physically and mentally rejuvenating beauty naturally using a combination of diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques such as yoga.

Healthy skin diet improves the appearance of skin tone using a nutritious diet in combination with a physical fitness program.  Protecting the skin from free radical damage using anti-oxidant rich foods will promote healthy cells while improving overall skin tone.  Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants are organic dark vegetables, brightly coloured fruits, and vegetables, blueberries, goji berries, chocolate, pecans, artichoke, kidney beans, and cranberries are packed full of nutrients.

Common causes of dry skin include stress, insomnia, poor diet, liver exhaustion,  hormonal imbalances, or dehydration not drinking enough pure water. Consuming too much caffeine, tobacco, fried foods, and alcoholic beverages can weaken vein wall causing capillaries to break.  Preventing oxidative changes on a cellular level is one way to promote glowing skin from the inside out using healthy diet choices.

Eliminate dry skin by using a daily moisturizer or bath oil on a regular basis. Moisture skin after a warm shower massaging a small amount of coconut oil onto damp skin and then drying off with a clean towel.  Hands and feet usually require more attention due to harsh soaps being used.  Coconut oil has been used for centuries for dry skin to moisturize revitalizing all skin types.

For best results keep in a plastic jar of coconut oil in the bathroom to use as deep conditioning moisture on the skin after a shower. Another jar should be kept in the kitchen for recipes and used in moderation if you are trying to lose weight.  Find coconut oils in your local grocery store or online for an inexpensive luxury moisturizer treatment for your skin.

Lifestyle Change Tips

  • Regular daily exercise promotes wellness walk 30-60 minutes per day
  • Follow a healthy diet for weight loss management
  • Sleep 6-8 hours per night to rejuvenate
  • Create small changes in diet and fitness to easily reach personal goals
  • Make healthy meals in advance for dieting convenience


Lifestyle Changes in Healthy Diet Plan

Rejuvenate body from with a diet rich in antioxidants promoting good health.    Lower your risks to infections including serious disease using antioxidants, compounds that inhibit oxidative stress in cells ultimately protecting the body from damage.  Making small changes in dietary habits planning meals in advance can help you lose weight keeping it off for good. 

Focus on new lifestyle changes using the Weight Watcher freestyle diet program with a focus on healthier eating choices, exercising more often and developing a positive attitude while losing weight.  Discover how millions of people have lost weight by eliminating certain foods from their diet including sugar, sugary drinks, processed and fried foods.  Reimagine dieting eating foods that satisfy your appetite helping you feel full for longer periods of time.

Enjoy eating ZeroPoint foods, along with delicious Weight Watcher recipes leaving you feeling full and satisfied.  Eat a diet packed with nutrition, without having to track, weigh or measure for total convenience.   Balance a healthy diet with new eating habits forming a new foundation for new lifestyle changes using healthy eating patterns for losing weight and increasing energy.

 Weight Watchers is located around the United States at nearby locations near you or online to access the community support, diet program, Freestyle program, digital studio and personal coaching.  Increase natural antioxidants in the body consuming plenty of vegetable proteins including whole grains, seafood, soy, sprouts, cruciferous vegetables, foods rich in beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, broccoli, carrots and sea vegetables.        

SmartPoints offers 200 new ZeroPoint food choices helping people develop healthy eating enhancing a lasting weight loss success on the program.  The Weight Watchers method focuses on eating a well balanced healthy diet plan by not depriving the body of food. Making simple changes in your diet and physical fitness program will increase weight loss using the new WW. Freestyle program.   

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