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Yoga For Weight Loss Traditional Methods

Benefits of yoga and meditation have been developed a practice by the ancient roots of India philosophy in the early civilizations. It originated in Inda dating back 5,000 years ago as depicted discoveries found in archeological digs show yoga poses.  Yoga practice is relatively new in western society as a popular exercise regimen used for physical and mental wellness.

1.7 million children now practice yoga under the age of 17 as schools have adopted yoga as a form of relaxation and focus. Yoga is most used mind and body practice for 21 million adults in the United States for those seeking a complementary approach to health.

Yoga is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines designed to focus a sequence of postures improving flexibility while building lean muscle mass. Studies indicate 43% of people practice yoga at home while 40% attend a gym participating in a class atmosphere.

The intention of yoga is to strengthen the entire body mind and spirit through controlled movements.  Most postures are completed on a yoga mat including deep breathing exercises to increase oxygen uptake in the body providing relaxation.

There is a verity of yoga schools and practices available including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism offering different types of goals.  Yoga has been an important part of an eastern culture as many yoga practices and religions have incorporated into Hinduism and other religions.

Yoga has gained popularity in the United States as people spend 2.5 billion dollars annually on yoga instruction for wellness the number one reason you practice, number 2 a sense of peace and calm, and number 3 health benefits of yoga.

In the West, the definition of yoga is the general term used for the practice of “Hatha Yoga”  Hatha yoga is centuries old practice designed to promote good health and wellbeing based philosophy involving controlled physical postures, slow movements along with deep breathing for best benefits of yoga. Several styles of Hatha yoga have developed over the past few decades due to the expansion reaching global proportions  Traditionally physical poses referred to asana in the practice of Hatha are similar to Hot Yoga. (1.)

Detox diet cleans rebuilding the body from the inside out renewable energy for optimal health benefits.

Western forms of yoga usually take a less religious approach with the primary focus on physical and mental fitness. Benefits of yoga is on the entire body from the inside out promoting good circulation throughout the entire body.  Regular yoga practice gently reduces blood pressure, improves heart rate and breathing rate while increasing lung capacity, boosts physical endurance and builds lean muscle mass strengthening the entire body.

Traditionally yoga practice is passed down from teacher to student taught by gurus seen as spiritual guides,  Different forms of yoga have developed over the years from various practices leading to the traditional discipline of a healthy lifestyle including good ethical habits and a search for a higher consensus through the benefits of yoga.

“The future depends on what we do at the moment”

By Mahatma Gandhi


Yoga Tips

  • Check with your doctor before starting any fitness or diet program
  • Practice  2 or 3 times per week for best benefits of yoga
  • Wear comfortable clothing when practicing yoga
  • Find yoga videos on YouTube or online to fit your personal fitness level
  • Modify poses that may be difficult
  • Follow a healthy diet plan to promote weight loss

What Can Yoga Do For Your Body?

Researchers have found the benefits of yoga have outperformed aerobic exercises at improving balance, strength, muscle tone, weight loss while reducing pain levels in seniors.  People recovering from injury may benefit from regularly participating in yoga to regain flexibility and build stamina through controlled movements.  Among health parameters, yoga promotes a sense of calmness and clarity enabling an increase in productivity in occupational goals.

Yoga instruction may be learned by taking a class at a gym in your area by a qualified practitioner reading books, video or watch DVDs dedicated to the practice. People gravitate to this form of exercise in recent years for the benefits of yoga for relaxation of mind and body as well as increasing flexibility.  Individuals may practice yoga postures including principles reliving stress while benefiting a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Burn is used to help women become healthier and happy through the practice of yoga using targeted exercises designed to boost your metabolism.  Burn off more calories effectively using proven strategies using dynamic sequencing teaches you how to perform each pose for best results.  Incorporating yoga into your weekly fitness routine can be the foundation for changing your body to become tone and physically fit.

People practice yoga for weight loss regularly participating in routines designed to tone the entire body, building lean muscle mass while burning fat.  Increase energy levels with deep breathing exercises allowing more oxygen into the body is referred to as a built-in stress reliever.  Deep breathing is not just relaxing it has been scientifically proven to lower the heart rate, relax the brain, aid in digestion along with boosting the immune system. Studies indicate the positive effects breathing exercises can have on the body immediately altering the ph balance of the blood or changing blood pressure in the body. (2.)


Benefits OF Yoga

The benefits of yoga are considered holistic therapy has exploded in popularity with the potential to produce favorable physical and mental outcomes. Hatha yoga classes require participants to hold poses for a few seconds before moving into the next sequence of coordinated movements designed to strengthen, balance and increase flexibility.

The goal of practicing yoga on a regular basis is to develop physical strength through a series of movements to provide a total body workout made up of various movements in standing, seated, kneeling, or lying face upward.

There are many forms of yoga designed for specified physical levels or designed to provide certain benefits.  Yoga for weight loss video can be found on Youtube dedicated to the beginner to advanced levels.  Routines can be found in different durations from 10 minutes to 45 minutes varying in length and difficulty.  Poses can be modified to fit your specific physical needs during any yoga routine.  As you progress in your practice your body will become more flexible building endurance over time.

Diet is essential for good physical and mental performance.  Consuming beetroot increases physical endurance and brain performance while exercising

Studies indicate observation of the benefits of yoga in moderate to small controlled movements improved balance and lower body extremities flexibility and strength.  Those of good health who participate in BWY Gentle Years Yoga once per week for a 10 week period found the program to be safe and effective for physically inactive older adults with a broad range of chronic diseases.  The program resulted in a whole host of improvements in health status, physical capabilities, and mental wellness.

Studies indicate people who practiced yoga on a regular basis definitely significant physical and mental improvements in social behaviors.  The most common physical improvements include walking and rising from a sitting position to standing.  Large muscle groups in hips, legs, and thighs develop strength and stability providing flexibility for a natural progression in movements.  People who attended yoga class reported developing new and lasting friendships stating having other people company to be beneficial.

Popular Types of Yoga

  • Yoga for weight loss
  • Yoga for knee pain
  • Yoga for flexibility and meditation
  • Hatha yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Bhakti yoga
  • Bikram

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga refers to practicing poses under hot or humid conditions using heat offering intensity in physical postures combined with heat purification.  Hot yoga typically leads to perfuse sweating during the routine of 26 posture sequences taught by a Bikram method teacher or inspired yoga fitness instructor. Traditional Bikram yoga class lasts for 90 minutes in length.   A typical person weighing 150 pounds who performs Bikram yoga for 90 minutes can burn off 716 calories  according to Health

The Hot Yoga trend began with Bikram Yoga by Bikram Choudhury in the late 1960’s to 1970’s.  Due to the success of health benefits of yoga, many yoga styles have developed as fitness practices began to include heat and humidity in their yoga sessions done in a heated environment of  105 degrees F with a 40% humidity level.

Practicing yoga in a heated room can increase heart rate and metabolism enabling blood vessels to become more flexible helping your body burn more calories.  This form of yoga increases natural blood flow as circulation improves oxygen uptake into the muscles and organs providing an energy boost.

Always check with your doctor for a complete physical before practicing any new fitness or diet program to ensure best benefits of yoga for your specific needs.  Yoga is usually very safe for most people as a gentle form of exercise.  However advanced breathing techniques have been linked to one case of complications.  Caution must be taken for people with heart or lung disease who should avoid complex deep breathing exercises.  For those individuals with health concerns check your local hospital for yoga classes with benefits of yoga for your specific needs. (3.)

There are literally many types of yoga varying in difficulty and duration.  Yoga exercises soured in Europe and North America as hatha yoga practice gained popularity over the years.  The main focus is on designated sequences of movements designed to promote flexibility using asana poses building lean muscle along with stamina.   These static poses are held for a few seconds before moving into the next pose with deep breathing to facilitate relaxation or meditative state of mind.  The benefits of yoga is amazing for weight loss success as controlled movements burn calories while improving total body health.

Ashtanga Yoga

This powerful form of yoga exercise combines deep breathing exercises with continual movements designed to improve flexibility and relaxation while performing a sequence of poses.  Burn more calories building lean muscle mass, strength and increased flexibility using the Ashtanga method of yoga.   In the United States, this routine has gain popularity as a modern-day variation referred to as Power Yoga for cardiovascular benefits.


Qigong easier to learn than Tai Chi and is far less strenuous compared to the yoga practice.  It is a holistic approach using coordinated body postures and movements combined with breathing exercises helping to relax the body and mind.  Meditation is utilized with the belief that good health and spirituality are enhanced during the practice of qigong.

With roots in Chinese medicine qigong traditionally is viewed as a practice to bring about personal balance translated as “life energy”.  It can give you a happier healthier life in just 15 minutes per day and can be practiced almost anywhere and does not require any supplements. Qigong typically involves slow steady meditation movements coordinating rhythmic breathing with slow flowing movements intentionally managing your vital energy.

Benefits of Qigong

  • Improves memory, headaches, insomnia, vertigo, cholesterol
  • Relieves stress by increasing relaxation in the mind and body
  • Decreases stroke and mortality rates.
  • Improves cancer drug treatments

Bhakti Yoga

The Bhakti form of yoga is considered robust for anyone who wants to get in shape using a series of vigorous movements all in sequence connecting deep breathing while performing poses.  While most forms of yoga are clearly separated from spiritual influences with the exception of devotional yoga practice that does not require a specific religious affiliation.  This type of meditative yoga focusses primarily on the idea of the existence of a divine awareness or prayer. Happiness 10 ways to change your perspective through meditation and proper diet practices.

Yoga Burn complete video series containing progressive yoga stretches designed to boost metabolism and burn fat.  Yoga has been used for thousands of years to develop lean muscle, relax and tone the entire body from the inside out using targeted poses.  Lose weight with Yoga Burn exercise program transforming your body gain more physical endurance with dynamic sequencing. Click Here to watch the free video.

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