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 Small Changes Make a Huge Impact

There are a million ways to gain weight such as a sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, hormone imbalance, heart disease, medications, injuries, food addictions, binge eating, poor choices, lack of dripline, metabolic disorders to name a few.  Losing weight and keeping it off can be achieved by making small changes that will have a huge impact on your weight and health. Discover 50 ways to lose weight fast just by incorporating small changes in your diet and fitness program.

1.) Walk one hour per day Research shows that a daily brisk walk reduces body fat, lower blood pressure and increases lipoprotein a biochemical assembly that contains both proteins and lipids bound to the protein which allows fats to move through the water inside and outside of the cell wall.  This will help remove unwanted toxins and fat.  51 Fun facts about walking.  Experts suggest walking 6,000 steps per day to improve health, 10,000 steps per day to lose weight

2.) Eat from a small plate instead of eating from a large plate. This will help control portion sizes of your meals.

3.) Quite sugary drinks. One can of soda contain 19 grams of sugar, 92 grams of caffeine and artificial sweeteners.  Drink water instead and you will lose weight.

4.) Sleep well. According to the National Sleep Foundation exercising on a regular basis makes it easier to fall asleep, we wake up feeling refreshed and alert in our daily activities.  While we sleep our body rests, regulates hormones that are responsible for muscle, tissue repair, and rejuvenation.  Research shows that people that experience insomnia or poor quality sleep over-eat and gain weight.   Getting a good night’s sleep will improve your overall health and help you lose weight fast even while you sleep.

5.) Check your weight every morning before you eat. This will give you an accurate body weight and help keep you on track during the day.

6.) Get a physical. It is always a good idea to get your annual checkup.  This will rule out any health issues that may contribute to weight gain.  If you are gaining weight talk to your physician about what options you have about controlling your weight and ask about exercising and diet plans that may help.

7.) Join a gym. Metabolic training is the best and fastest way to lose weight, tone, sculpt your body.  Building muscle will burn calories 24 hours per day and completely transform your body from fat to fit.  Check for gyms in your local area and see what programs and classes they have to offer. Most gyms offer weight training, free weights, Nautilus weight training, yoga, swimming, aerobics, boxing, treadmills, elliptical machines Get proper training from a certified trainer to avoid injury. Most gyms offer 2 free training sessions when you join and lose weight fast by engaging in physical activity, building muscle and burning fat.

8.) Find a buddy. You are more likely to go to the gym and stick to a weekly routine if you exercise with a friend.

Get extra motivation from friends and family who encourage and support your weight loss efforts.

9.) Grapefruit diet.  Research shows that those who eat grapefruit once per day lost 58% more we

Lose Weight Fast Eating Organic Foods

10.) Eat Nuts instead of sugary snacks.  Nuts are packed with protein fiber and unsaturated fats.  Nuts lower your cholesterol, reduce blood clots that can lead to a heart attack and improve your vascular system

11.) Train for a race.  Look for opportunities to compete and train with your peers.  This will put your focus on training and not overeating.

12.) Say NO to the desert.  Have a cappuccino with skim milk while your friends and family are devouring chocolate cake and tasty treats.

13.) Find a good diet program that is easy to follow and implement in your daily routine.

14.) Pay Cash when eating out.  Research shows that people who use a charge card for purchases buy more junk food than those who stick to a budget.

15.) Scented candles can remind you of food and tempt you to overeat.  Scented candles scents such as apple pie, cinnamon bun, pumpkin pie spice may smell good, however, if you are on a diet those scents may trigger food cravings.

5 Ways to Lose Weight

16.) Eat at home.  Make freshly cooked meals with the right ingredients.  Do not use boxed, canned, foods.  Chose fresh vegetables and proteins to get the most beneficial nutrients from food. Get your organic vegetable shopping guide.

17.) Plan your meals in advance.  Make a shopping list of what you will need for the week.  Plan meals and healthy snacks to avoid overeating. Find small useful weight loss tips that make your dieting program more enjoyable. Find great diet plans.  Click Here

18.) Go vegan.  Follow the vegetarian for advice and go meatless.  Studies show that a plant-based diet increases your metabolism and burns 15% more calories than a body would on a meat-based diet. Find ways to substitute meat with soy, grains, and beans for protein.  New soy products taste just like meat without the fat.

19.) Start a blog about your experience.  Share your personal journey with others who are struggling to lose weight.

20.) Learn something new.  Take classes and focus on your studies instead of food.

21.) Get creative.  Design something for home or offices like flower arranging or painting, art, photography knitting or woodworking.  The possibilities and projects are endless and will keep you busy instead of overeating.

22.) Fix your metabolism and hormones.  Stress can release cortisol increasing insulin levels ( fat storing enzyme lipoprotein lipase) Some medications such as steroids, prednisone, and corticosteroids used for pain management have the same effect and negativity impact the fat burning directly. To reduce cortisol levels sleep well, exercise, walk, meditate, eat well and drink plenty of water to flush out your system.  If you are on medication that causing insulin levels to spike talk to a physician about alternative methods.  Fix your hormones stress and cortisol with simple proven methods.

23.) Meditate relax and deep breath to release tension.  Research has shown that those individuals that practice meditation for 40 minutes or more have lower stress levels and lessen their risk of cardiovascular disease.  A study in 2005 of men and women who meditated showed that they had a thicker cortical wall in their brains and that meant that their brains were aging at a slower rate.  Cortical thickness is also associated with decision making, attention makes.  Learn how to relieve stress, relax and basic meditative techniques.

24.) Stand while you are working on the computer.  Recently desks have changed giving users the change to stand up or even walk while working.  Sitting at on location for hours per day can be bad for your circulatory system.  It is important to get up and move when possible.  Check out the new office furniture that is now available.  Life Span Treadmill that is a combination desk and treadmill in one.  Walk while you work.  Also available is a Rocelco Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Riser.  This desk is placed on any table or desk and easily adjusts to a higher level allowing you to stand while you work. Both methods are great for improving your circulation.

25.) Join a weight loss forum and share your experience with others.  Get tips, resources, and inspiration.  Go to weight-loss.fitness.com, Join the club and read the discussions from other members.  Ask and answer questions that pertain to your interests.  Get the motivation you need to succeed in weight loss.  Other forums include www.weightlossbuddy.com, Devoted to matching up weight loss buddies based on a number criteria.  www.Fatsecret.com  forum chat and journaling.  Also, receive recipes that can be centered around any diet.  http://www.caloriecount.com   Join a forum and connect with others who want to lose weight share your experience, concerns and tips and resources with others and together lose weight fast.

26.) Veg out.  Eating fresh organic vegetables containing fiber and rich in nutrients will make you feel full and satisfied.

27.) Drink water.  Research shows those who drink 8 twelve ounces glasses of water lose weight faster than those people who drink sugar-laden drinks.  Prevention is the best medicine. Water is beneficial to all life and to feel healthy you have to stay hydrated.  Try these flavored water recipes.

28.) Dived your normal meal portions in half and save the rest for later.  This will reduce your caloric intake.

29.) Find a fitness plan that really works.

30.)If you are unable to stick to a diet 7 days per week slash your calories by eliminating 650 calories per day 2 times per week.

31.) Cut Sugar from your diet.  Check the labels on the foods you eat.  You will find sugar in drinks, juices, pastas, entrees and more…

32.) Kick off your weight loss plan by eliminating flour foods like pasta, bread and pastries.  Cut the flour out of your diet and watch the pounds melt away.

33.) Eliminate alcoholic beverages from your diet.  Alcohol is high in calories and has zero nutritional value.  Drink water instead.

34.) Take a cold shower that stimulates your immune system and your metabolism

At Home Workout

35.) Eat several small meals during the day to avoid being famished and binge eating.

36.)Make an online journal about your weight loss experience.  Join social networks like facebook, twitter, Pinterest and share pictures and write posts for other to read.

37.)Join a weight loss support group in your area.  Weight Watchers offers a great diet and support plan.  Join Weight Watchers now and get 1 month for free.  This is an easy to follow plan that teaches you how to eat certain foods and the correct portions of each meal.  Weight Watcher recipes are delicious and nutritious meals and snacks that your whole family will enjoy. This is a fantastic program to help ypou lose weight fast and keep it off.

38.) Grow your vegetables and herbs.  Start a small garden and get fresh seasonal foods right from your backyard.  If you are short on space and time plant vegetable in large pots and harvest when ready.  You will be more conscious about your food choices when you cultivate your own garden.  Get your Edible Gardening Guide on how to grow delicious vegetables herbs and fruit from home.

39.) Eat dinner for lunch.  Generally dinner is the largest meal of the day.  Swap your meals and eat your heaviest meal at lunch and have a lite meal for dinner.  This will help you burn more calories during the day.

40.) Eat all meals before 5:00PM giving your body time to digest your meals before you rest.

41.) Don’t Diet Learn to appreciate food as a source of fuel for your body and slowly replace processed foods with healthy choices.  In order to achieve your ideal weight, you must find a program that is easy to follow and incorporate into your lifestyle.

42.) Drink Oolong or black dragon Chinese tea that is packed with catechins boost your body’s ability to metabolize fats.

43.) Pushups activate all of your muscles, chest, arms, legs, torso, and back, increase your heart rate, and improve your cardiopulmonary strength.  If you are unable to do standard pushups you can do wall pushups.  Stand in front of a wall. Feet hip distance apart.  Put your hands on the wall at chest level and push.  Do 10 reputations to start and increase your reputations when you gain strength.  This is a great exercise for your upper body, neck and thoracic areas in your back.

Find a Quiet Place to Meditate

44.) Get a Daily Motivational Calendar.  Keep track of your weight by documenting how much you weigh and how much you have lost while getting a daily dose of inspiration.

45.) Plan healthy snacks for the week.  10 Healthy and filling snack ideas that will keep you satisfied.  Try popcorn, fruit, and yogurt with ground flax seed, nuts, and protein drink, vegetable sticks with a low- calorie dipping sauce, apple slices and peanut butter or almond butter dip.  Choose foods that you like and can easily prepare in advance for on the go.

46.) Start collecting healthy recipes and incorporate them into your daily meals.  Join Pinterest.com to set up an account.  Type healthy recipes in the search box and easily select favorite healthy recipes to add to your page.  Share your best recipes with others and join thousands of other members with the same interests as yours.  Dinner is a cinch when you can easily pull up any healthy recipe at a moments notice.  Find great gluten recipes free, kid-friendly, appetizers, entrees, lunch, drinks, and deserts.  Eat your way to good health Click Here for more information.

47.)Stock up on all essential items for a healthy pantry.  A well-stocked pantry is the best way to ensure you will have everything you need to cook when you get home.  Fewer trips to the grocery store will decrease your ability to purchase junk food.

48.) Stock up your freezer with fresh frozen foods to have on hand.  After you cook a dinner you can freeze portions for a later date, saving you time and effort in the kitchen.  Cooking light with fresh ingredients and preserving meals can be a real time saver.  Preparing double or even triple your recipes and saving portions for later means you don’t have to cook every night to enjoy fresh nutritious meals.  How to properly freeze foods.  Get tips and resources.  Click Here

49.) Set up a home gym at your primary location to stay on track with your fitness program.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the results you want.  If you purchase a yoga mat, hand weights, ankle weights, and Thera bands(resistance bands) you can effectively work out.  Tone, tighten and strengthen your whole body without going to the gym.  This is a simple way to stay on track and exercise at your convince.

50.) Suppress your appetite naturally with one glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  When rising squeeze on lemon into a glass of pure water and drink before you eat.  Lemon juice will naturally detox your body and correct the ph. balance in your blood and leaving you feeling full throughout the day.  You will crave less junk food and as a result, lose weight fast.  Lemons are a good source of vitamins C, B-complex, pantothenic acid, folates, pyridoxine and minerals copper, potassium and rich in calcium.  These are essential vitamins and minerals for good health.

If you are struggling to lose weight or maintain a fitness program consider adding a few small changes in your daily routine.  Try new recipes for weight loss or going for a walk once per day for 30 – 60  minutes.  Take charge of your diet and fitness plan and slowly adapt to the changes you are making.  Slow changes may be less overwhelming and you will see the benefits of following a good weight loss plan.

When starting any weight loss program it is a good idea to make changes slowly and implement them in your daily life to have a successful outcome that will last a lifetime.   FREE Bonus Gift Offer Melt Your Muffin Top Click Here to get a free sample while supplies last.  Leave me a comment.  Share this post with your friends.

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