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Lose Weight Using Small Lifestyle Changes

Lose weight making small lifestyle changes resulting in improved health benefit.  Discover the secrets taught by experts who know exactly how to reduce weight transforming your body using the latest diet and fitness information available.  According to the CDC Center of Disease Control obesity is an epidemic and is prevalent in 39.8 percent of adults in the United Staes affecting 93.3 million adults in 2016.

People who are overweight or considered obese may develop health complications including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer that may result in premature death if left untreated.  Studies indicate estimated medical costs associated with obesity has reached 147 billion to 210 billion per year.   People are now realizing the importance of reducing calories with good nutrition choices and the correlation between a healthy diet and fitness program.

Obesity is a typically preventable chronic disease and health care costs.  Individuals who keep weight down using diet and physical fitness tend to be more active and mentally positive.  Many people find appearance to be a motivating factor for wanting to lose weight often finding some diets difficult to follow.  A good diet addresses the nutritional requirements you need to lose weight using a combination of foods high in vitamins and minerals.

Fitness Strategies For Weight Loss

Winning fitness strategies often contribute to losing weight using aerobic high-intensity workouts to burn calories.  Simply walking once per day for 30-60 minutes can greatly improve physical and mental health.

Losing weight is often associated with a dedicated diet and fitness plan designed to reduce calories and increase physical activity.  These strategies can be preventive lifestyle changes designed to reduce body weight, tone the entire body.  People who have a positive attitude about a proactive approach to weight management can achieve long-term health benefits.  Optimal weight can reduce risk to a verity of diseases including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.

Weight loss in today’s society is not always easy due to the availability of convenience foods packed with high amounts of sugar, sodium, commercially prepared optimized for quick human consumption.  Eating processed foods may be less healthy for the body if you are trying to lose weight due to the ingredient used in preparation.

Ingredients combined in the process of making convenience foods are used for flavorings and preservatives may not be beneficial for losing weight.  Preservative extends the shelf life of some foods contributing to the taste and structure of cake, cookies, and treats.

Consumers may be unaware of the content prepared foods contain resulting in higher calories due to the high amount of sweetness, salt, saturated fats.  Eliminating or greatly reducing the consumption of processed foods can make huge changes in your diet resulting in better health.


Changing Diet Benefits Weight Loss

Calories are your worst enemy for anyone trying to lose weight.  Finding low-calorie recipes packed with nutritional value can help make you feel satisfied without being deprived of the foods you love the most.  Combining wholesome ingredients in recipes can reduce the amount of sugar, sodium, and fat consumed.

Good nutrition is an important factor in managing weight loss efforts eliminating foods proven to cause weight gain.  Opting for organic fruits and vegetables combined with lean proteins will boost fat loss.  Cutting back on the consumption of eating the wrong fats such as saturated fats derived from animal sources including red meats, poultry, and full-fat dairy products can be beneficial for losing weight.

Saturated fats are high in calories and may raise total blood cholesterol levels and low-density protein levels LDL cholesterol can increase your risk to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Saturated fats are difficult for the liver to metabolize therefore it is important to avoid fats known to cause obesity and health-related complications.

According to the American Heart Association replacing foods high in saturated fats with healthier options can improve lipid profiles while reducing total cholesterol levels.   Save calories using organic spray oils when cooking or baking to reduce calorie count. (2.)

Transfats found in many prepared foods can contribute to obesity leading to health complications.  Transfats raise your bad LDL cholesterol levels and lower your HDL cholesterol levels.  Eating foods high in trans fats increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes.   Reducing the consumption of saturated fats and trans fats in your diet will decrease body weight.


Jillian Michales Diet and Fitness App

Start Your 7 Day FREE Trial With The Jillian Michales Personalized Fitness App Available on ios and Android devices.  Get access to daily fitness workouts or choose one of Jillian’s tailored workouts to customize your plan increasing or decreasing the intensity of exercise.  Select from over 800 unique exercises to tone and tighten the entire body using perfect form.

Access to healthy low-calorie meal plans created by professional chefs and registered dieticians for balanced nutrition that taste amazing.  Each plan offers focussed guidelines, shopping list, and healthy menu options helping you get results.   Choose a diet plan from one of the many options available to suit your personal needs.

Healthy Meal Plans

  • The 5 Day Jump Start Meal Plan
  • Pescatarian Meal Plan
  • Vegetarian Meal Plan
  • Omnivore Meal Plan
  • Vegan Meal Plan
  • Paleo Meal Plan- Gluten free

Stretch using Yoga Fit a program designed to use traditional power yoga format and traditional flow techniques to build strength, stamina, and energy.  Yoga is one of the best methods used to reduce stress, regulate hormones and boost metabolism using a sequence of poses intended to build lean muscle while burning off fat.

Lose weight with the Jillian Michales 7 Day FREE trial to access the program including meal plans, workouts, support to get fit and strong.

Lose Weight Tips

  • Get a complete exam to see what diet and fitness program is best for you
  • Count calories
  • Use portation control
  • Walk once per day for 30-60 minutes burn fat
  • Use resistance training to build lean muscle and burn fat 24 hours per day 3 times per week
  • Eliminate sugar, sweets, salt, and processed foods for your diet
  • Choose organic fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, whole grains

Read Food Labels To Reduce Calories

The FDA instituted regulations for packaging and labels resulting in a decrease of trans fats in the United States in recent decades.  Trans fats also referred to as trans unsaturated fatty acids occur in small amounts in nature from vegetable fats became widely used in the 1950’s still used today in 2018.  Foods containing trans fats include fried foods, baked goods, cookies, donuts, pie crusts, biscuits, crackers, spreads and stick margarine.

Unfortunately fat has gotten a bad reputation over the years due to misconceptions about dieting.  Some fats are actually considered safe to use and help the body lose weight if eaten in the correct portions.  Healthier dietary fat does play an important role in the body reducing inflammation and risks to heart disease.

Studies indicate eating monounsaturated fatty acids found in oils and a verity of foods can improve blood cholesterol levels, improve blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.   Finding balance in your diet is the key factor to lose weight, reducing appetite through natural methods to simply melt fat away. (3.)

3 Week Diet primarily focusses on how to lose weight using the best information available to date.  Discover a foolproof science-based diet designed to reduce calories while still enjoying delicious meals you will want to make.  Melt 12 to 23 pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days.

Learn how to calculate calories and nutrients you need each day to maximize weight loss efforts effectively.  Determine your BMI body mass index derivative of hight and weight of an individual.   Benefit from meal planning guide timing your meals to boost your metabolism burning calories 24/7 through the foods you eat.

Exercise is vital for weight loss reaching your goals burning calories while toning your entire body.  Walking once per day for 30-60 minutes can aid in weight loss, build bone and muscle, improve your mood, increase balance and coordination while burning off calories.  Increasing physical activity can play a key role in preventing heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

With the 3 Week Diet, you will discover exercises specifically designed to burn fat, tone and tighten the entire body right at home.  Enjoy powerful workouts completed in just  20-30 minutes per day to transform your body, building lean muscle and losing weight.  Get access to the complete program and motivational series succeeding with willpower and mindset.  Click Here to watch the video.

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