Stretching Increases Flexibility Promoting Strength Weight Loss Successfully 


Increase Physical Fitness With Stretching

Stretching is a form of physical exercises designed to strengthen muscles while building endurance.  Exercises performed throughout stretching in which a specific muscle or group of muscles are flexed in motion resulting in greater flexibility.   Improve muscle tone using targeted stretches to increase elasticity developing coordination, flexibility and greater range of motion.  Stretching using a series of exercises can increase the metabolism burning off more calories safely and effectively building endurance.

Fitness experts now know the importance of physical activity for people of all ages, encourage stretching on a regular basis.  Stretching can be very therapeutic to the body increasing oxygenated blood to muscles preventing sore stiff muscles.  Increase circulation throughout the entire body using interval stretches post workout as an important part of your training routine.

Stretching is a common activity for people of all ages, children, adults, athletes, and seniors who want to increase physical and mental performance. (1.)

Increasing strength through flexibility can improve daily performance in all activities while building lean muscle mass.  Boost metabolism burning calories 24 hours per day through a series of stretches designed to decrease stress, stabilize hormones and increase flexibility.  Simple stretching exercise performed at home or gym can develop good posture relieving back and joint pain.

Benefits of yoga promote total body transformation through a series of targeted stretches designed to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit through yoga sequences.  Performing yoga exercises 2 or 3 times per week can increase mobility, relieve muscle soreness while building and strengthening the entire body.

Developing lifestyle enhancements using yoga to lose or manage weight can help you live happier more fulfilling life.  Taking time devoted to an exercise program is essential for good health reducing the risks to injury by staying active and flexible use yoga stretches.  Discover yoga poses strategically implemented in one routine designed to shape and tone the entire body while stabilizing hormones resulting in weight loss.

Yoga stretches use controlled movements combined in one routine lasting between 20-60 minutes in duration and various intensities depending on physical fitness level.  Research indicates people who practice yoga stretches on a regular basis outperformed aerobic exercises for improving muscle tone, balance, strength, and endurance. Build lean muscles with yoga boosting your metabolism helping to burn more calories throughout the day.

stretchingEffective Types of Stretching

Technically there are 5 types of different stretching typically used before exercising. Warm up muscle groups in preparation for more strenuous physical activity including static stretching, dynamic stretching, ballistic stretching, SMF stretching, and PNF stretching.

Static stretching is a type of stretch by which an individual person gently tension is felt and held for 30-second intervals until the muscle release is felt.  This type of stretching is performed slowly without any bouncing motion.  Benefits of static stretching for 10 minutes before and after any exercise program may relieve muscle cramping and tension.  Decrease potential injuries and delayed onset of muscle cramping using static stretching exercises.

Dynamic stretching exercises is a controlled walking moving stretch using the full range of motion.  Walking for short periods of time can reduce the risk of injury oxygenating muscles in preparation for physical activity.  A regular brisk walk performed at a slow or moderate pace can increase cardiovascular endurance.

Manage weight walking once per day for 30-60 minutes to help prevent various conditions including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity with dynamic stretching.   Walking is beneficial for boosting mood. mental clarity along with increasing balance and coordination.

Studies indicate physical inactivity due to injury, illness or sedentary lifestyles may lead to muscular atrophy resulting in muscle wasting in sizes, shape and impaired performance.  Physical therapists are trained to treat muscular imbalances using a series of exercises to regain function aiming to relieve impaired movement.  Restoring mobility using stretching and exercises to increase muscle mass. (2.)

Ballistic stretching is a rapid bouncing stretch performed in which part of the body is moving in momentum enhances the performance of muscles.  The main benefits of this type of stretching is preparing the muscles of increase activity, flexibility.  Maximize physical performance as the body gets pushed beyond the comfort zone with ballistic stretching exercises.

SMF stretching is an alternative medicine therapy called myofascial release particular stretch treats skeletal muscle pain and immobility designed to relax contracted muscles through muscular stimulation.

Benefits of SMF stretching are impressive for increasing lymphatic and blood circulation stimulating reflex muscles.  This type of stretching corrects muscular imbalances relax muscles and may relieve muscle soreness.  Improve a full range of motion using SMF stretching exercises increasing flexibility and overall physical performance.

PNF stretching is proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation is a type of stretching exercise whereas resistance is applied stretching a specific muscle for a specified function. It is an advanced form of flexibility training that involves targeting specific muscle groups to develop both stretching and contractions of a particular muscle.

Physical therapists originally developed a rehabilitation program using PNF stretching exercises finding it to be effective to increase flexibility and a full range of motion.  Studies indicate athletes who use PNF stretching techniques before and after exercise have proven to increase physical activity and physical performance and for restorative muscular function.


Increase Physical Fitness With Stretching

Stretching is a common exercise performed to warm up muscles before and after any exercise program or used in a rehabilitation setting to increase muscle function.  Studies suggest stretching on a regular basis can increase flexibility in natural movement, joints, by reducing muscle tension.

Yoga exercises provide a series of poses designed to strengthen and build muscles resulting in increased energy levels.  Lose weight building lean muscle burning off calories even when your workout is complete.  Why is it important?  Stretching helps keep muscles healthy, flexible and strong assisting in coordination maintaining a full range of motion.

Different types of stretches are aimed to help keep you active building lean muscle while burning calories.  Increase your metabolism by boosting physical performance through exercises designed to strengthen and build muscles while improving posture.  Stretching is extremely important for developing lean muscle mass for the body promoting improved physical fitness in people of all ages. (3.)

Stretching Tips

  • Get a complete physical exam before attempting any exercise program
  • Stretch at your own pace
  • Warm up muscles before and after stretching exercises for 10 minutes
  • Elongate muscles slowly to avoid injury
  • Boost metabolism stretching on a regular basis to lose weight.
  • Wear comfortable clothing when stretching

 Boost Metabolism With Yoga Stretching

Yoga Burn a safe effective method for stretching the entire body using targeted possesses designed to sculpt muscles while burning off extra weight.   Discover how you can exercise at home using simple exercises that can be performed at home.  Thousands of women and men use yoga to reduce stress and cortisol levels responsible for weight gain using yoga exercises stretching with a sequence of poses.

Cortisol is a hormone that is released in response to stress and low glucose construction.  High levels of the stress hormone cortisol can increase during stressful times and may lead to overeating.  As a result of increased levels of cortisol increased insulin levels, blood sugar drops resulting in cravings for fatty or sugary foods leading to obesity. Stretching with yoga on a regular basis can reduce cortisol levels and cravings naturally.

Practice yoga progressing in length and duration increasing your stretching workout uniquely tailored to your specific needs.  Benefits of stretching with yoga can be a fantastic way to increase physical fitness levels using a progression of targeted moves with Yoga Burn.  Click Here to watch the free video.

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