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Glutes and Thigh Workout An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Gluteus maximus also called the butt is an amazing muscle that affects the way we sit, stand, walk, run, jump and do other activities that require movement in our lower extremities.  This vital muscle is responsible for much of our low back support and stability.  Not to mentation that a well-developed rear looks good in any fashion such as slacks, jeans, dresses and swim suits.  The glutes are an amazing muscle that can be strengthened with targeted moves that will develop muscle and stability.  All of your activities will become easier as your body becomes stronger and balanced.

You are constantly using your glutes when you stand, walk or even sit down in a chair or stand up.  This is one of the most important muscles you have as it supports your back hips and legs.  Conditioning your gluts can relieve back pain and stiffness as well as tone and tighten those vital areas.  Increase your agility and stamina with these simple exercises that will develop your glute muscles and, hamstrings for a well-defined butt.


5 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt – Exercises to Lift and Tone Your Butt and Thighs

Moves to tone your butt thighs and legs.  Want to wear the latest fashion and look and feel you best in any attire?  Try some of these moves or try them all to sculpt and transform your thighs, calf, hamstrings, and butt.  Get lean sexy legs, tone and tighten your glute muscles while you lose weight. Always ask your doctor before beginning any exercise program.  Warm up your body for 20 minutes or more before beginning any exercises to get your muscles warm and oxygenated before you begin.  Squats are the number one exercise for your legs and butt.  No equipment is necessary and this exercise can be done at any location.  Go at your own pace and length of duration.  Stand with feet hip-distance apart and squat down as far as you can.  Try to let your chest rest on your knees when you squat down and then stand.  Do 10 to 20 reputations


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Easy Chair Pose

If this is too difficult try using a chair to modify the exercise.  Simply put the chair on a surface that is secure nonslip flooring such as a carpet.  Stand in front of the chair as if you are about to sit down.  Raise your arms over your head and sit down in the chair and then stand straight.  Do 10 to 20 reputations.  Notice that the squat position is not fully engaged or going to its full extent. This modification will tone and strengthen your hips, hamstrings, and butt without putting too much strain on your knees and joints.  This pose is typically used in yoga and is great for beginners.


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Back Kick

This exercise makes developing your glutes a breeze.  Get down on your hands and knees, Pull your right knee into your chest and then flex your right foot as your lift your leg up behind you.  Do 10 to 20 repetition and then switch legs and do the left side.  This is a targeted move that will build muscle, strength, and stability in your glutes and hamstrings.  You want to increase your resistance you can use ankle weights 3 to 5 pounds on each ankle.  This added weight will build more endurance and strength.  Go at your own pace when doing any physical activity to prevent injury.



Lunge With Weights


Lunges are a great way to build muscle in your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps giving you a lean and well-toned look.  You can use weights with this exercise or do your lunges without weights if you are a beginner.  As you get stronger you can add weights to build more muscle and endurance.  Start by poisoning yourself in a lunge position holding weights in each hand, with you right leg in front and your left leg 3 feet behind you.  Slowly lower you back leg straight down until it hovers over the floor and then straightens your leg. Repeat this exercise 10 – 20 repetitions going at your own pace.  Switch to the left side and repeat.  Modify the pose by not lunging too low and be careful not to let your knee extend over your foot to prevent knee injury.  Keep your posture straight while doing lunges to ensure proper alignment.  Your legs and glutes will soon develop into a well-defined muscle.



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Bridge & Lift

The pelvic tilt is a classic exercise designed to target the glutes, low back, and hamstrings.  This pose is perfect for anyone who is suffering from back pain and discomfort as well as building lean muscle. Isolating the glutes as you thrust the pelvis forward in an isometric move.  Start by lying down on your matt with your knees slightly bent hip distance apart.  Slowly raise your pelvis and the lower your glutes almost until you reach the matt.  Repeat this exercise 10 -20 or even 30 repetitions. Modify this exercise if you are a beginner by not extending your pelvis too high.  This exercise uses both targeted and explosive movements to strengthen the glutes and build muscle.  Work at your own pace and soon you will see the results you want.

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 Fantastic Perks of a Strong Toned Butt

Booties are defiantly grabbing attention these days not only due to appear but for the pure functionally of the gluteus maximus muscle also called the butt.  The glutes are known as the largest muscle group in the human body and virtually every movement we make with our lower extremities requires the activation of this important muscle.  Plus stating the obvious a strong lean sharply butt is more attractive.  This muscle has gone unnoticed and underdeveloped due to inactivity, injury, and inadequate training.  Many men and women sit behind a desk for hours per day putting

Many men and women sit behind a desk for hours per day putting a strain on the lower body causing “gluteal amnesia” conditions in which muscles act lazy due to a sedentary lifestyle.   Lack of aquatic training of the gluts can cause complications such as hip rotation and weakness in the hamstrings, knees, femur and lower back.  Eventually ending up with a flat unshapely butt that is not fully functional.  There is hope for the weary if you are inclined to take these steps.

If you are still undecided about how to tone and tighten your backside, take a tour of these exercises that will tone and tighten your derriere not only for appurtenance but for better strength and flexibility in your daily activities. Check these benefits.

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Eliminate Back Pain

Evidence shows that a high gluteus maximus strength and endurance is correlated with lessened risk of back pain says Brad Shenfield, PhD., Director of human performance lab Lehman College.  Increased resistance training with weights or aquatics with increase intervals is the best way to prevent pain and increase muscle mass.

Protects Your Joints

Strong glute muscles will support hips hamstrings, legs and prevent knee pain.  Protect your joints by developing your butt using a combination of targeted moves that will build and strengthen those specific areas of your body,  Joints will be well supported by muscle mass eliminating joint strain and stiffness.  A strong butt means healthier knees.

The glutes pull your femur (thigh bone) forward during hip extensions which will help your hip bone centered in your hip socket rather than sliding out of possession causing knee pain and injury.  Strong glutes ensure that the femur properly is on track right over the toes when sitting down, squatting, landing and jumping.  It prevents your knees from caving inward towards each other causing pain.

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Cool Down Time

It is very important to give yourself 10 minutes cool down time after any workout.  Deep breath and allow your heart rate to syncopate into its natural rhythm.  Gently stretch your whole body as you cool down with targeted moves that relax muscles.  Start by sitting on the floor with your legs extended in front of you.  Slowly bend forward to touch your toes.  Follow by doing some twists.  Lie down on the mat,t with your legs out straight.  Bring your right leg over the left leg and twist.  Repeat for the left side..  Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind while stretching out your entire body.  Try Power Yoga for Flexibility Total Body Workout.  For a complete step by step routine delegated toward flexibility and strength.  Once you master the moves you will know how to cool down after any workout.

30 Day Squat Challange

When it comes to getting in shape nothing works better than using targeted moves designed to tone and sculpt specific areas of your body.  Take the 30 Day Squat Challange to lose weight and transform your glutes.

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