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5 Fundamental Rules You Can Not Ignore When It Comes To Happiness

Happiness is an emotional state of wellbeing well defined by being fulfilled personally and professionally with contentment and intense joy. The pursuit of great joy and Psychological wellbeing is also associated with the ability to make good choices and decisions in everyday tasks.  Various research groups including happiness Economics and positive psychology are conducting studies about what happiness really is and how we can achieve inner wellness.

A wide verity of aspects can have a dramatic effect on our physiological process including economics, biological factors, religious and philosophical reasons.   Testing different approaches to clearly identify the source of positivity through scientific studies resulting in the understanding of good health and contentment.

In March of 2012 the United Nations declared a holiday the International Day of Happiness to recognize the importance of well-being as universal goals.  Founded by United Nations adviser Jayme Iiien adopted the resolution following the multiyear campaign initiated in 2011.

The pursuit of wellbeing is a fundamental goal of humans worldwide recognizing the importance of personal growth, economic stability, poverty eradication, sustainable development, physiological balance.  Focussing on public awareness activities and education has brought the importance of living well to the forefront of organizations, civil society, United nations, regional organization, and non-governmental organizations observe International Day of Happiness.

Philosophical factors have a huge impacted on how well individuals feel emotional.  Having good health is essential to achieving balance in every aspect of daily life. In 2012 the World Happiness Report stated the relation between subjects and the primary distinction between cognitive function and emotion in individuals who participated in the study.


Learning How To Relax Can Improve Mood

We are all constantly looking for the pursuit of happiness in our everyday life as facing daily rituals we can gain perspective applying certain tips and techniques to improve every area of our life through healthy choices in diet, exercise, relaxation, and providing the personal maintaining for positive mood.

Women and men who take the time to relax using methods taught over centuries are happier with overall life experience.  Studies show that deep breathing and meditation can lower stress levels in as little as few minutes.  Turning focus to positive thoughts can help lift the mood and bring good perspective in the meditative state of mind.  Relaxing in a sauna can detox impurities from your system as part of a cleansing process or use a warm shower steam for the same effect.

Practicing yoga is a fantastic way to lose weight and unwind from a hectic day.  Routines vary from beginner to advanced levels of expertise.  Yoga poses can be modified or changed to meet your specific physical level.  Yoga poses are designed to strengthen muscle tone, relax nerve impulses, increase energy, increase endurance and elevate oxygen levels.

Find great yoga routines on Youtube in sessions ranging from 30 to 60 minutes targeted for Yoga For Weight Loss, Yoga For Back Pain, Yoga For Weight Loss and Belly Fat, Jillian Michales Yoga Melt Down and much more.  Find a routine that fits your physical level of weight loss and relaxation.

Video’s and imagery can have a positive impact on wellbeing.  Watching humorous movies will help develop a good sense of humor and the feeling of being happy. Studies show that subjects who looked at positive imagery were able to reduce stress, pain, and improve the immune system.  Learning how to relax using strategies and techniques can impact every cell in your body.


To enjoy good health is to bring happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, One must first discipline and control one’s mind.  If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment and all wisdom and virtue come to him.   Buddha

How Happy Are You?

Emotional wellbeing depends on many factors including the ability to deal with stressors, relationships, friends, family, work, school and physical health.  Achieving balance,  between all of those aspects can be achieved by focussing on prevention.  Lifestyle choices made every day can have a huge impact on wellness by using exercise and diet to stay healthy.

Depression goes beyond feelings of suffering or sadness from the feeling blue and is the leading cause of disability in the world affecting 121 million individuals worldwide.  Studie shows that 850,00 people commit suicide each year from the cause of depression and can affect everyone from children, teens, adults and the elderly.

Determining the exact cause of depression is unknown however it is believed that biological changes in the brain due to stressful events such as loss of a job, death in the family or close one or economic disadvantage. A number of people may have hereditary tendency to become depressed or pessimistic attitude in the face of stress such as injury, health complications, constant exposure to violence, poverty, drug abuse or neglect.  Some medical conditions can contribute to depression, brain tumor, vitamin deficiency of folate, and hyperthyroidism.  The good news is there are good treatment plans for physical conditions that may interfere with your happiness.

If you are feeling blue check with your doctor and check with your doctor to get a complete physical to see if there are any underlying factors that may contribute to depression for a proper diagnosis.  Blood test and scans may determine any physical conditions that can have an adverse effect on health.

There is no test for specifically diagnosis for depression however if you are experiencing sadness for at least two weeks or more seek professional help right away Feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, dramatic change in appetite, difficulty in concentration, making decisions, remembering, lack of energy, restlessness, anger, agitation, thoughts of death, continuous physical symptoms chronic pain, digestive upset, headaches all may contribute to depression.

Consulting may also help elevate symptoms of sadness by teaching new methods to handle stressful events through healthy choices in diet, fitness, supplements, meditation, and therapies in art, music, and light therapy.


Prevention Can Boost Emotional Levels To A New High

No one should feel sad or guilty for suffering from depression or feeling blue and sometimes cannot be prevented.  Generally, individuals who follow a sensible diet, make healthy choices and follow healthy habits can dramatically boost prevention.  Eating organic fruits and vegetables along with omega 3 fatty acids, getting 20 minutes of sunlight each day, sleeping well through the night and exercising all can have a huge impact on your happiness.

The Happiness Diet has never been easier than before including these 16 fantastic foods Research from neuroscience clearly shows that changing what you eat will stabilize mood, increase brain power, increase energy levels, improve focus and help reduce belly fat.

Essential vitamins A, B-12, D, E, folate, iodine, calcium, iron, fiber, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, salmon, seeds, and nuts giving the nutrition your body needs for happiness.

Social Connections Are Vital For Good Relationships.

Keep social connections alive and well with family and friends at work and personal life.  Make a concentrated effort to stay in contact with others for a good emotional balance.  They say laughter is the key to happiness having a good sense of humor will enable you to focus on the lighter side of life with those you love the most.  Social activities can be particularly important when feeling isolated or lonely especially for the elderly.

Volunteering for a needy cause online or your own community can be very beneficial for your wellbeing.  Focussing on the needs of others may give purpose and meaning to yourself and others.  Find organizations that may need assistance online, your local government, library, colleges, and local churches to find volunteering opportunities.

Want more happiness?  Join local activities you enjoy doing or taking classes to learn a new subject can be very beneficial.  Staying busy is a great way to stay engaged with the public making new friends and connections.  Learning is always a fun activity that most individuals enjoy, giving people a reason to study, focus complete tasks and goals they can use in their personal life.  Consider changing careers for a financially rewarding success.  Just focussing a new topic of interest can have a great impact on personal development.

Tips To a Happier You

  • Have a good sense of humor
  • Stay connected with good relationships family and friends
  • Sleep well for good health and balance
  • Walk once per day for 30-60 minutes to increase natural serotonin levels (mood-boosting hormone)
  • Volunteer for a charity to help others in need.
  • Focus on positive experiences and release things that are in your best interest.
  • Find a good diet that includes fresh organic vegetables and fruits and lean proteins. Healthy choices can make a huge impact on total body wellness.
  • Listening to your favorite music can be very powerful for elevating a good mood.
  • Speak in a positive tone not allowing negativities to seep in.
  • Take classes learning something new will help focused, engaged and well-informed.

Happy people are more likely to get have good relationships and stay in the same relationships Dinner says that they are more likely to volunteer and to be highly rated by their supervisor and make more money.  Have a good attitude clearly reflects in every aspect of your life through work, relationships and education.  Want more happiness?  Achieving well-being is practice by eating well, exercising every day, training your mind to think in a positive manner.  Using deep breathing and meditative techniques to calm the mind.

Music Therapy Aim To Correct Balance

A growing body of research has shown that music therapy is not just a nice perk it can greatly reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and illness.  It can literally improve the quality of life and outcome.  Chartland a graduate vocalist at Berklee College has dedicated her life to becoming a music therapist when she realized she could help support others with music just as music has helped her in her own journey to happiness.

Music therapy also is known as bioAcoustic therapy was developed by Sharry Edwards M. Ed in 1982 after she realized she could hear unusually high frequencies and mimic people’s unique voice frequencies.  Her research led her to formulate the concept of signature sounds and the distortions due to emotional distress, chronic pain, and disease can be detected through a voice print and corrected with specific frequency sounds.

The Sound Health Research Institute based in Ohio was the first to develop human BioAcoustic profiling the primary focus on energy form, vibrational medicine.  Edwards says she has trained thousands of people including doctors, and relatives of chronically ill patients to use bioacoustic techniques and equipment.  Ther are 6 other bioacoustic facilities in six other countries.

There is little scientific evidence validating the principles or the therapeutic powers of bioacoustic therapy Practitioners claim good results treating a wide range of conditions including arthritis pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, allergies, multiple sclerosis, emphysema, and downs syndrome.  Patients speak into a microphone for about 45 seconds as a computer captures a voice sample.  The analyzed sample revealed data about their health such as biochemistry, musculoskeletal systems, hormonal imbalance, emotional state, exposure to environmental toxins, and infections.

The vocal profile is then used to create a sound protocol that corrects distortions in the person’s pattern of vibrational energy.   The sounds are stored portable sound box and the patient listens to the protocol daily through headphones with the aim of achieving balance.

Sound health produces a programmable self-management auditory device for practitioner portable computerized device diagnostic system for home use. Bioacoustics is used in sports medicine, nutritional therapy, physical therapy, massage, and music therapy.  Sound therapy is also being used to help induce sleep for a good night rest.  Wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Sound therapy is also being used to help induce sleep for a good night rest.  Wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated with Primal sleep solutions.

Boosting Serotonin Levels The Good Mood Hormone Naturally

Serotonin is naturally produced in the brain with the primary function as a hormone and neurotransmitter 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT ) found in many tissues, penal body, intestinal mucosa, blood platelets, and central nervous system.  It has many physiologic functions including stimulation of smooth muscle, inhabitation of gastric secretions and vasoconstriction the constriction of blood vessels that increase blood pressure.  A chemical produced by the brain that functions as a neurotransmitter.

Low Serotonin levels are associated with mood disorders and depression.  According to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the United Kingdom conducted a comprehensive review of the correlation between exercise and mood concluded that antidepressants and the anxiolytic effects are clearly demonstrated.  Recommendations by the National Health Institute on treatments for mild depression based on the best medical information available to date including various strategies of exercise rather than the use of medications.

Exercise has been proven to substantially elevate mood in patients as well as subclinical populations.  Those who participate in a regular aerobic exercise with a familiar level have the best overall success.  Serotonin plays an important role in appetite control, body temperature, the tone of blood vessels, the perception of pain, migraines, depression and the health of mucous membranes of the intestinal lining.  Stimulate serotonin levels by eliminating sugar in your diet or drastically reduce sugar consumption.  If you have low serotonin levels you may experience intense sugar cravings.  This is your bodies way of increasing serotonin levels because eating sugar produces insulin which helps tryptophan go to the brain.

If you want to boost happiness studies show that those who make good dietary choices and exercise on a regular basis will have the best results.  Find good diets at Weight Loss Diet Plans a complete website dedicated to weight loss and fitness.  Tour the website and be sure to sign up for a free sample of Garcinia natural weight loss supplement while supplies last.

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