Metabolism: 20 Ways to Boost Your Sluggish Metabolism


Increase Metabolism Performance To Burn More Fat

Metabolism boosters are a great way to kick start a weight loss program.  If you are struggling to lose unwanted pounds or if you have hit a plateau, small dietary and fitness changes can result in fantastic physical changes.  The three main purposes of the metabolism is the cellular conversion of food as our fuel converted into energy.  It is the set of life transformation within cellular activity in living organisms to transport substances between cells including, aiding in digestion.  Increase your metabolism using these proven methods.

The truth is our metabolic rate is determined by genetics we can boost our metabolism by build lean muscle mass with resistance training exercises.  Muscle burns calories 24 hours per day more than fat.  Using resistance training to build muscle is vital to increase the rate in which the body burns calories.

Sleeping is just as important as diet and exercise for boosting metabolism regulating hormones.  Try to sleep uninterrupted for 6-8 hours per night for bet weight loss benefits.

The conversion of food/fuel into energy are the building blocks of Nucleic acid, lipids, proteins, some carbohydrates and the elimination of nitrogenous waste from the body.  The body breaks down organic matter usually categorized into two categories one is the breaking down of glucose into pyruvate by cellular respiration and the second anabolism.  The building up of components of cells such as nucleic acids and proteins.  Resulting in the metabolism reaction of breaking down to release energy and building up to consume energy.

The chemical reactions between cells create a gateway for the metabolism to organize direct pathways in which one chemical is transformed into a different chemical for a sequence of enzymes.  Natural enzymes found in raw vegetables are readily available for anyone who wants to lose weight while improving personal health.  The most important function of enzymes found in food is the assimilation of what we consume.

Digestion occurs with the enzymatic process actually breaking down the foods we eat and chemically converting it for the body to absorb in the digestive track.  Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are digested at a faster rate due to the enzymes within the food, while sugar and processed foods are stored as fat.  Digestive juices are found in the small intestines, pancreatic juices, and saliva.



Hydrochloric acid is also as beneficial as enzymes for bile activity and considered an essential part of good digestion.   HCI is responsible for sterilizing and acidifying foods in the stomach.  Working with pepsin a digestive enzyme that breaks down digestive proteins into proteases.  It is produced in the stomach and is one of the main digestive enzymes in the digestive tract.  Digestion occurs when pepsin is combined with water in the stomach resulting in chyme from the mechanical breakdown of the food we eat.  The chyme is neutralized by highly alkaline juices from the pancreas and the intestine, gallbladder, and bile from the liver.

Digestion occurs when pepsin is combined with water in the stomach resulting in chyme from the mechanical breakdown of the food we eat.  The chyme is neutralized by highly alkaline juices from the pancreas, intestine, gallbladder, and bile from the liver.  bile also works in combination with a lactase enzyme to emulsify fats converting them to fatty acids that are beneficial for the body.

Depending on the quantity and quality and contents of the meal the stomach will digest the food into chyme in anywhere between 40 minutes to a few hours.

Enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat.  Even low degree heat can destroy enzymes in food greatly diminishing enzyme capabilities in the digestion process.

Enzymes Metabolism Boosters Burn Fat

  • Enzymes found in whole or unprocessed food gives the body natural boost for proper digestion, replace cells or heal the body from injury or disease.  The human body can not assimilate food without enzymes and must obtain enzymes from the foods we eat.
  • The food we consume whether plant or animal contains live enzymes within that specific source.  When eaten that food becomes the property of the person eating and now becomes enzymes within the body.  Immidatiatly digestive enzymes begin to work breaking down food for the production of energy.
  • All animals organize, beef, chicken, fish, contain proteolytic enzymes called cathepsin which goes into play after death and becomes the prime factor of autolysis.  The food we consume helps the natural breakdown of food with enzyme activity boosting our metabolism.

Enzymes are vital for the proper function of the metabolism because they allow organisms in the body to achieve desirable results that require energy production.  This chemical reaction within cellular walls will not occur by itself leading researchers wondering how to improve on the metabolism for weight loss.  Enzymes allow the regulation of pathways in the metabolic system that send signals to cells in response to changes in the cell’s environment.

Highly specialized protein enzyme molecules that act as catalysts for accelerating the rate of chemical reactions in the body aiding in a faster metabolism. Researchers found enzymes work together with minerals, vitamins, coenzymes and cofactors for optimum body function.    Enzymes are in all living things.  They possess chemical and biochemical properties responsible for every function in the body.  Without enzymes, we could not move a muscle, breathe or digest food.  The correlation between losing weight and proper enzyme production is directly related.

There are three categories of metabolic enzymes in which the body uses to heal from illness or injury to repair damage, aid in digestion and assimilate carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Within these enzyme categories, there are over 1000 different neutral enzymes and acid-alkaline enzymes each responsible for a specific bodily function.  Propper enzyme activity is so efficient that it integrates and reacts in milliseconds within cellular walls with productivity at 100% rate. Studies show that digestive enzymes in the human body are stronger than any natural enzymes found in nature.  That is great news for us since the food we usually eat is over processed or overcooked destroying enzymes we need for good digestion.

The metabolic system of a specific organism determines which food is poisonous and which food is nutritious.  For example, prokaryotes used in hydrogen sulfate as a nutrient is poisonous to animals in gas form.  The speed of our metabolism is the metabolic rate in which controls how much food is required by an organism and is also affected by how the food is obtained.  The key factor to increasing the metabolism is consuming lean proteins, organic fruits, and vegetables for optimal enzyme production.

Eliminating or drastically reducing processed foods such as cake, sugar, fried foods and sugary drinks will lead to improved metabolic rate and weight loss.

Best Digestive Enzymes For Increasing Metabolism

Digestive enzymes are categorized by the function they perform in the body.  If you want to speed up your metabolism, adding specific foods or enzymes to your diet to achieve faster digestion.  For example, the enzyme lactase breaks down milk sugar into galactose and glucose for proper digestion.   Almost 65% of humans are deficient in lactase resulting in lactose intolerance a condition of poor digestion of milk and milk products.  The most important enzymes for digestion and speeding up the metabolism are as follows.

  • Trypsin-The best natural source of enzymes found in pineapples, papayas, avocados, sprouts, mangos, and bananas
  • Rennin-Helps digest dairy products from cow’s milk
  • Pepsin- a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins into peptides.  This specific enzyme can digest 3500 times its own weight in protein.  In order to keep digestion at peak levels consume more raw organic fruits, vegetables, nuts.  Papaya and pineapple are a great source of enzymes that contain pepsin for optimal digestion.
  • Chymopapain and Papain- proteolytic food enzymes from vegetable pepsin and unripe papayas for good digestion of proteins
  • Pancreatin-proteolytic broad spectrum enzyme is an important factor in the research of degenerative disorders.  Pancreatin is a divertive of secretions of the animal’s (pig) pancreas and has been used in medications since 1800 to treat malabsorption syndrome and pancreatic complications. They are on the World Health Organization list of essential medicines the safest and effective medicines needed in health.
  • Mycozyme- Improve your metabolism with this single-celled plant enzyme responsible for the breakdown of starch molecules into simple sugars that can be easily absorbed into the body for the body to release energy.
  • Lipase- digests fats performs an essential role in the digestion process of dietary lipids, triglycerides fats and oils in all living organisms.
  • Lactose- is responsible for the digestion of milk sugars and products made from milk (dairy) and lactose.  Studies show that 65% of humans are deficient in this important enzyme
  • Diastase- is responsible as a potent vegetable starch digestant for carbohydrates
  • Chymotrypsin is a digestive enzyme component of the pancreatic juice acting in the duodenum where it breaks down proteins and polypeptides. Helps convert chyme
  • Cellulase- aids in the digestion of cellulose the fibrous component of all vegetable matter.
  • Catalase- is a very important enzyme for the protection of cell oxidative damage also works with SOD to reduce free radical damage.  SOD found in supplement form found to help the body protect against oxidative stress and promotes antioxidant defenses. supports red blood cells against oxidative stress, protects cardiovascular health and helps protect against DNA strand breaks.
  • Bromelain- a proteolytic enzyme aids in the digestion of fats is considered a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory derived from pineapple.  Bromelain is used as a digestive aid or to reduce swelling and pain due to injury.   Treat upset stomach by taking 2 bromelin chewable tablets upon onset.  Find supplements online or at your local drug store.
  • Amylase-an important enzyme that catalyzes the digestion of starches into sugars which begin the chemical process of digestion.

Increasing your metabolic rate depends on several factors including maximizing your own enzyme production digestion process by eating organic fruits vegetables lean meats and fish.  Enzymes are extremely sensitive to heat.  Even low amounts of heat in the cooking process can destroy vital enzymes and reduce your ability to benefit from digestive enzymes.  Consume at least one fresh raw green salad once per day to improve metabolism and digestion rate.  Combining raw fruits and vegetable in smoothies is another option for getting more raw nutrients in your diet.

Nutrient deficiencies usually result in the bodies inability to properly digest food, not from the nutrients its self.  This leads to a sluggish metabolism, weight gain, and health complications over time.  Enzymes are now available in the supplement form found one line or at your local health food store who promotes natural wellness. Naturals daily natural enzyme supplement available in 500mg full spectrum digestion with 8 active enzymes, combining herbs, nutrients nutraceuticals in one formulation will aid in digestion and boost metabolism.

Greatly reducing the consumption of fatty or fried foods, cake, sugar, sugary drinks and high-calorie treats will result in weight loss.  Eating chips, cookies, and ice cream will hamper digestion while packing on extra pounds.  Look for recipes that are low calorie, low in fat, high in flavor with good nutritional value.


Accelerate Your Metabolism With Exercise

Your next exercise session may just boost your metabolism long after your workout has finished.  Daily exercise is the most important activity you can do to promote weight loss in combination with a sensible diet plan.  Walking once per day for 30-60 minutes will continue to burn calories throughout the day.  Using elliptical equipment for a great cardiovascular workout will defiantly improve your metabolic rate while using this low impact exercise.

According to the Medical Libary of Medicine exercise has a major role in the prevention of obesity.  Using a combination of weight training and cardio exercises participants in the study gained improved health and metabolic rate.

Men and women can clearly benefit from building muscle with resistance training exercises.  Building muscle will increase your metabolism to burn calories 24 hours per day while reducing fat.  Transform your entire body with resistance training methods found at your local gym.  Most facilities offer 2 free training sessions for beginners along with classes in aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, weight training, spin class and elliptical workouts.

Each training session is targeted to your specific physical needs and goal.  Work with a personal trainer to become efficient on all equipment before beginning.  Use resistance and cardio training 3 to 4 times per week to boost metabolism and totally transform your body.  Always check with your doctor before participating in any physical activity or diet plan.

Tips For Increasing Metabolism

  • Walk once per day 30-60 minutes 7 days per week
  • Use resistance training to build muscle and burn fat 24 hours per day
  • Add digestive enzymes either bromelain or a digestive enzyme complex supplement to maximize digestion while increasing metabolism
  • Use elliptical machines or stationary bike to increase cardio performance with low impact workout
  • Get a complete physical examination to rule out health complications that may contribute to a sluggish metabolism
  • Drink 8-12 twelve ounce glasses of pure water once per day
  • Consume more raw organic fruits and vegetables in your diet for proper digestion and weight loss
  • Reduce or eliminate sugar, candy, snacks, processed and fatty foods in your diet
  • Eat organic fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds and long grain rice to boost metabolism fat burning mechanisms
  • Find a sensible diet plan you can easily incorporate in your daily routine.
  • Aim for 300 calories for each meal
  • Eat your largest meal at lunch and a low-calorie healthy dinner around 5:00 PM

Diet Plan for Maximizing Weight Loss

21 Foods that increase metabolism include almonds, beans, berries, bone broth, coffee, tea, celery, chia seeds, chocolate, ginger, hot peppers, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, coconut oil, curry, fish, grapefruit, lean turkey, seaweed, spinach, pure water.

There are many diet plans to choose from that can teach you new healthy recipes including step by step guide.  Find a weight loss diet plan that fits your specific needs and dietary requirements to speed up your metabolism while losing weight.  Check ou Pinterest for healthy recipe ideas and inspiration you can use to improve overall health.  Weight loss diet plans offer several diet and fitness plans for those who want to lose weight with step by step guides, tips, and information.  Sign up for a free gift of Garcinia weight loss supplement just for touring the website.

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