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Jogging Increase Metabolism For Weight Loss

Jogging is an excellent method for losing weight while increasing cardiovascular endurance while improving total body fitness.  Some individuals prefer to run while others enjoy the continual pace of jogging.  Apparently, there are clear differences between the two is the pace in which a person exercises at there own personal pace.

According to the Copenhagen City Heart Study, researchers analyzed observations on jogging behaviors including frequency, pace, and quality of 1,098 healthy participants then compared data from 3,950 non-joggers to evaluate long-term health benefits.  Researchers concluded those who participate in moderate jogging exercises 3-4 times per week would help lower mortality rate. (1.)

Running is defined by a person running at a pace over 6 miles per hour while a jogger is defined as going at a slower pace below 6 miles per hour.  Other characteristics include the rate your body burns calories and how your body responds to specific exercises.

People who are physically active are 30% less chance of death compared to those who are sedentary or inactive.  According to Presidents Council on Youth Fitness from President Lyndon B Jonson clearly expressed medical evidence proves the positive effects of moderate exercise benefits for healthy heart, mind, lungs, and muscles for those who participate in regular moderate or intense jogging.

Weight Loss benefits For Joggers

Jogging can help people lose extra pounds while transforming their bodies composition by losing fat and building lean muscle tissue.  Studies suggest an individual who is of average weight can burn off 100 calories for each mile they jog at a steady pace.

Increase your metabolism jogging or walking once per day at your own pace for best benefit.  Check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise program.  Jogging may not be beneficial for everyone, however, walking for 30 to 60 minutes per day can also be beneficial for weight loss while boosting your metabolism.  Increasing your metabolic rate through cardiovascular exercise can help promote weight loss even after you have finished exercising.

Continue burning off extra calories revving up endurance levels jogging, running or just walking.  Each individual has a unique health and fitness level that should use appropriate methods of exercise including distance and intensity of each exercise based on your specific needs.

For new joggers or individuals who want to get in shape, it may take some time to build up your endurance level.  Start out walking for 10 minutes to warm up muscles tissues then slowly begin jogging at your own pace for short sprints. Listen to your body going at your own pace and endurance level.   If you need to slow down, continue walking to burn off more calories.  Always end each session by cooling off walking for 10 minutes until your heart rate returns to normal.

The key to gaining endurance is walking or jogging through consistency by building up cardiovascular endurance levels increasing speed and distance.  While jogging is best it is important to pay close attention to how your body is responding to exercise.  If you experience heavy breathing, gasping for air, unusual sweating tiredness or fatigue this may be an indication that you should slow down by walking. Listen to your own body slowing down when necessary.

For those experiencing difficulty, it may be beneficial to slow down walking or jogging short distances to build up endurance levels.

Jogging Tips

  • Get a complete physical exam before starting any exercise program
  • Warm up your muscles by walking 10 minutes before jogging
  • Go at your own pace starting out slowly building up endurance
  • Burn off calories with jogging
  • Moderate jogging is better than high-intensity workouts
  • Walk instead of jogging if you feel out of breath, winded, tired
  • Listen to your body jogging in intervals example- walk, jog, walk, jog etc.
  • Cool down by walking 10 minutes until your heart rate returns to normal
  • Use elliptical equipment- low impact jogging exercise method

 Training On Elliptical Equipment

Training on elliptical equipment is a great way to proform jogging without impacting your joints.  Elliptical machines are available in many different sizes and capabilities including user-friendly programs.  Many elliptical machines offer customized fitness training levels for individuals to choose from beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Each session can be programmed to include specific level, time of session the person wants to use the elliptical based on personal needs.  Elliptical machines now use heart rate monitors on the handles to help you stay on track with your heart rate helping you lose weight.  Most gyms offer 2 free training sessions on all equipment along with other classes to boost metabolism and build lean muscle.

Benefits of Using Elliptical Equipment For Jogging

    • Low impact on joints
    • Build up strength and cardiovascular endurance
    • Each fitness level is customizable
    • Burn off calories
    • Jogging on elliptical may accelerate weight loss
    • Rev up metabolism to burn off calories even when your workout is complete
    • Use the heart rate monitor to stay in your target zone while exercising

5 Benefits For Jogging

5 fantastic cardiovascular exercise benefits from jogging or using the Elliptical or Precor equipment.  Exercise cardo is defined by cardiovascular exercise or any movement that increases your heart rate and blood circulation. Jogging or aerobic activity elevates physical activity through low or high impact exercises resulting in the uptake of oxygen to meet energy demands.

According to your personal fitness level, aerobic activities such as walking, jogging or running performed in low to moderate levels can significantly increase the conversion of food to fuel used as energy.

Studies by Dr. Kenneth Cooper conducted extensive research on aerobic activity exercises on over 5,000 Air Force personnel in the 1960’s.  Kenneth Cooper is a doctor of medicine and former Air Force Colonel in Oklahoma City was one of the first to introduce the concepts of aerobic activities and the benefits of cardiovascular health. (2.)

Author of the book Aerobics published in 1968 articulates the importance of regular moderate aerobic activity for promoting wellness.

How To Take Heart Rate While Exercising

Checking your heart rate while exercising is important for staying on track with your weight loss program.  Heart rate monitors are now available online at Amazon, on equipment handles of exercise equipment or at your local retail store such as Walmart, Target, Dicks Sporting Goods.

Your pulse or heart rate is the number off of times your heart beats per minute.  Knowing and understanding your individual heart rate is an important factor to determine your gage health.  As you age the regulatory rate and pulse will change possibly signifying a condition that needs to be addressed.  Talk to your doctor about monitoring your heart rate while exercising to improve cardiovascular health and weight loss.

Fitbit wearable technology helps keep track of all fitness activities including every movement you make electronically.  Tracking capabilities are accurate and dependable for those who want assistance in monitoring personal health.

Using the latest fitness apps from the Google Play Store can be downloaded onto your smartphone for free.

Quick Heart Rate Monitor app takes the guesswork out of monitoring your heart rate.  Now you can check your heart rate in real time while walking or jogging helping you burn off more calories effectively.   Studies show if a person exercises within their target heart rate zone for their specific age this will result in more calories burned off.

If you do not have access to equipment check your pulse by placing 2 fingers between the bone and the tendon over the radial artery located on the thumb side of your wrist.  When you feel your pulse count for the number of beats for 15 seconds then multiply that number by 4 to calculate heart beats per minute.

Using the latest technology in apps or other wearable devices such as the Fitbit or Apple Watch easily monitor your heart rate while exercising.  Burn more calories effectively while maintaining a steady pace walking or jogging depending on your fitness level.

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