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Important Role of Balancing Dopamine For Good Health

Dopamine is an organic chemical contracted form 3,4- dihydrophenethylamine from the families of phenethylamine and catecholamine that are responsible for vital functions in the body and brain.  In the brain, it functions as a neurotransmitter an important chemical released by nerve cells.  Dopamine is directly responsible for effecting the pleasure and reward centers in the brain leaving many individuals with a feeling of well-being.

Studies show the sudden activation of dopamine can be attributed to the sudden availability of food in the body.  There is alarming evidence indicating over weight or obese individuals may have low levels of dopamine resulting in a substantial increase in over eating.  In general, dopamine is secreted in response to consuming highly palatable food that evokes a feeling of wellness or enhanced food reward.

Although much of the focus has been on dietary fats and sugar as a key stimulant as a food reward.  New studies show promise for those who consume protein at breakfast will alter hunger cravings and feel more satisfied throughout the day as dietary protein has been speculated to invoke a similar reward response.

Treatment with dopamine agonists has been shown to reduce or reverse the effects of obesity and excess body weight.  Therefore studies suggest stimulating the production of dopamine activity may lead to significant improvements in obesity conditions.

Scientists are just beginning to understand the correlation between diet and healthy dopamine levels in humans.  Studies are now being conducted focussing on the importance of specific dietary nutrients inhibiting the appetite due to the production of dopamine.  Adolescent obesity continues to growing public health concern greatly affecting over 25 million young people in the United States.

Indicators show that 36% of adolescents who are considered over weight or obese will likely result in an 80% increase of being over weight as adults.  It is essential to focus on teaching good health habits to the young for avoiding or perpetuating obesity in future generations.  Skipping the morning meal has been linked to an increase in perceived hunger that may contribute to growing obesity epidemic.

Dopamine is a powerful neuro signal indicated in the regulated in the food intake receptors by stimulating reward driven eating behaviors.  Studies support the increase of protein consumption for controlling weight and reducing cravings for better personal management.  Consuming more of the right foods can increase natural dopamine levels in the body, leaving most individuals to experience fewer cravings along with a feeling of satisfaction.


By Mikael Häggström, based on images by Andrew Gillies/User:Anaru and Patrick J. Lynch at Wikimedia Commons

Dopamine Deficiency cause and Effect

Dopamine deficiency is implicated in several conditions including drug abuse, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, depression and a whole host of other health complications.  Understanding how dopamine is produced in the brain and in the digestive track can bring awareness to the vital connection between diet and good health.

low levels of dopamine can manifest in several devastating ways.  It can make you feel irritable, fatigued, unemotional or unable to focus your attention for a long period of time.  Low levels of dopamine are associated with all kinds of addictions including food addictions, drug and alcohol addictions and serious disorders that affect far too many individuals.

Understanding how dopamine affects the body and the correlation between diet health is the key factor to taking control of your life, through specific changes in life style habits.

PET - Human Addiction

Image Courtesy of Nora Volkow [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dopamine Deficiency Symptoms

  • Irritability
  • Fatigued
  • Cravings for food, drugs or alcohol
  • Unemotional
  • Unable to focus

Dopamine plays a major role in several functions of the brain involving learning, working memory, concentration, focus, sleep, and mood.  Any imbalance can alter your personal well-being and over time may result in serious health complications.  Changes in dopamine have been linked to disruptive disorders in some individuals affecting their personal life experience and the lives of their families.

Over 110.000 research papers have been written about it and science are still conducting studies to determine what dopamine does in the body and how it affects our health.  Understanding the importance of this vital neurotransmitter chemical will enable you to increase your energy levels naturally.

How Dose Dopamine Function In The Body?

Dopamine is crucial to the feeling of motivation for short and long term goals.  In essence, it is responsible for everything we do by delivering a feeling of satisfaction in what we accomplish.  Finding new and exciting ways of learning something new can bring about confidence or the feeling Yes! I did it for a rush of dopamine.


Boost your dopamine levels in several ways including eating a healthy diet, watching sports activities, physical activity, consuming amino acids L-Tyrosine or amino acid complex.  While exercising your body actually releases fun mood boosting chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine.  Some experience feeling of well-being simply by exercising.  Even non-strenuous exercise can help boost these powerful chemicals naturally.

Listening to your favorite music releases dopamine as a response.  Even the anticipation of hearing your favorite tunes will invoke a dopamine response.  This may explain why music is so popular among all who listen or sing aloud with your favorite tunes.

Reduce your lipopolysaccharide also referred to endotoxins nasty toxins that can compromise your immune system.  If you have too much of these dangerous molecules consisting of lipids and polysaccharides it can make your immune system impaired,

Most importantly it interferes with the production of dopamine.  One way to combat this destructive toxin is to increase good bacteria in the gut.  Consuming foods rich in probiotics or fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi on a daily basis will increase good gut bacteria. Probiotics reduce overall inflammation and promote good health.  Eliminate fatty or sugary foods as these indulgent treats will increase Lipopolysaccharide lipids and polysaccharides, less of those nasty invaders means fewer endotoxins in the body.  Aim for whole organic foods including vegetables, fruits and lean sources of protein combines with pure filtered water and fermented foods for best results.


10 Tips Boost Dopamine Naturally

  • Listen to music
  • Exercise to boost for natural mood elevation. Exercise often.  Walk once per day 30-60 minutes
  • Diet-Include more protein in your diet, salmon, almonds, beets, apples, beans, avocados, chocolate, beans, cheese, water melon, yogurt
  • Increase L-Tyrosine amino acid
  • increase Pre-digested amino acid complex
  • Mediation- helps the body and mind relax in a meditative state of mind bringing thought and intention to your work
  • Consume dopamine enhancing supplements- curcumin spice, Ginkgo Biloba, green tea
  • Reduce your lipopolysaccharide- with good gut bacteria.  Consume probiotic fomented rich foods, yogurt, kimchi, kefir
  • Sleep 6-8 hours per night
  • Create something new!  This stimulates the brain by getting creative juices flowing.



Dopamine Diet

Foods that contain amino acids L-Tyrosine and Phenylaline eventually convert into dopamine in the body.  Essential amino acids are the building blocks of protein individuals need for good health.  Proper assimilation is necessary for growth and life itself.  There are 20 known amino acids from which 500 basic proteins are formed that comprise over 78% of the bodies total weight.  Including more of the right foods in your diet will alleviate natural dopamine levels in the brain suppressing the appetite.

  • Fish Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Nuts-almonds
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • water melon
  • green tea
  • yogurt
  • Avocados
  • Chocolate
  • coffee
  • beets

Amino acid L-Troysine-a semi essential amino acid formed from phenylalanine responsible for building natural reserves of thyroid hormones and adrenalin.  Helps to reduce total body fat while suppressing the appetite in most individuals.  It is easily metabolized in the body providing quick energy boosts, especially for the brain.

L- Tyrosine is an amino acid that converts into L-dopa and is used to produce dopamine and noradrenaline to effectively treat depression, stress, hypertension,  controlling drug abuse, and treating Parkinson’s disease by improving the brains natural function.

Notice of caution for those who are on medications L-Tyrosine may increase thyroid hormone production since it is a precursor of synthesis for those who have a hyper active thyroid should be wary.  It may interact with MAOIs leading to hypertensive crises.  Additionally, it may block the uptake or absorption in the gut of some drugs that resemble amino acids such as Levodopa.  In conclusion, since it is a precursor to stimulating neurotransmitters it may inter act with other supplements or drugs in the body that affect norepinephrine dopamine levels. Consult with your doctor before taking any supplement to prevent any interactions with medications.

Consuming foods high in naturally occurring amino acids should be safe for consumption.  Following a sensible diet and fitness program will enhance good health while increasing energy levels.


The amino acid Phenylalanine essential precursor to L-Tyrosine that works well with vitamin B6 for elevating mood and effectively treating depression, schizophrenic depression, manic post-amphetamine.  Effective for adding in memory and learning retention for some individuals who experience trouble concentrating.  This supplement is used as a thyroid stimulant by increasing the bodies production of CCK cholecystokinin which is a peptide hormone in the gastrointestinal system responsible for the digestion of proteins and fats.

Those taking Phenylalanine should avoid sweeteners aspartame.  Those with blood pressure imbalances, skin disorders, using diuretics or pregnant should avoid using Phenylalanine supplement.  Contra-indications cancerous melanoma and tumor growth have been slowed through dietary reduction of Phenylalanine and Tyrosine.

Amino Acids How They Work and What They Do

Vital amino acids are responsible for maintaining, growth, and repair in our bodies throughout our entire life.  For those who are not consuming foods containing amino acids may become ill over time.  They are a valuable source of energy while providing the brain with a mood elevation and heightened functionally.  Therapies using amino acids have been shown to improve healing after injury or illness.  Also used as a natural buffering agent for acid alkaline balance in the body.

Amino acids provide building blocks for important functions of the central nervous system which act as neurotransmitters throughout the body.  Our bodies can not function without them as amino acids play an important biological role.  Those eating a diet packed full of processed foods may be lacking in essential amino acids their body needs for good health all leading to weight gain or disease.

Therapies using amino acids have been successful in making a great impact for alternative medicine for preventing the disease from forming in the body.  Studies show that specific amino acids can produce pharmacological effects in the body, strengthening muscles while improving health.  Understanding the biological effects amino acids have on the body we can effectively treat specific conditions such as obesity, depression, or control recreational drug use while inhibiting cravings.

Due to the amino acids, biological significance plays a vital role in nutrition and are commonly used in supplements, food technology, and fertilizers.  The proteins are used in the body for manufacturing thousands of blood proteins vital for the transportation of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals throughout the body.  The liver produces 80% of all needed amino acids the other 20% must be obtained from food sources.

Amino acids constitute an important role in establishing body fluid balance, stimulate the immune system antibodies while helping to fight infections, aid in digestion, regulates growth hormone, increase dopamine, balance hormone levels and help produce enzymes.  Enviormintial pollutants poor diet coupled with unhealthy habits means that the essential amino acids a person needs for good health are often lacking.  Amino acids can not be produced on its own and must be obtained from food or supplements.

Imbalances can be corrected by increasing the intake of proteins, chicken, eggs, almonds, nuts, salmon and other pre digested supplements containing full spectrum amino acids with a targeted nutritional goals in mind.  Consuming pre digested forms of amino acids leads to quick absorption in the body compared to dietary amino acids from protein sources.

Find predigested amino acids online or at your local health food provided who specializes in alternative medicine or holistic approach to good health.  Pre-digested form 100% offers fast assimilation and utilization of the amino acid complex.  Specialized formulas are especially important for athletes, elderly, individuals with digestive difficulties or for those on a restrictive diet plan.

In conclusion, dopamine is vital for certain metabolic processes in the brain and gut.  Following a good fitness program along with sensible diet plan can help regulate dopamine levels while improving endurance and energy levels. For additional information on losing weight visit Weight Loss Dieting Plans to find a diet resources and fitness programs.

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